Sunday, November 19, 2006

ANIMAL RIGHTS DAY - International Meatless Day - : 25th November

Dear All :

The 25th of November is International Meatless Day - Animal Rights Day and everyone is enccourage to do something or organise something in a big or small way to educate people about the violence and suffering that animals go through at the hands of human expliotation.

P.R. Sarkar’s wrote in his book "Neohumanism in a Nutshell" part I :

" Human life is more secure than animal life. Many animals live in the jungle where there is something to fear every minute; where the weak are the prey of the strong. To escape this atmosphere of fear and insecurity, many wild animals have sought refuge with human beings. They have been fed grass, leaves and other types of fodder until the right moment came to kill them for their flesh. Even today, this is generally what happens. Animals fully trust human beings; they trust them even up to one minute before their death. But when they see a person approaching them with a weapon in hand , they realize that those they had trusted as friends are actually their enemies. Although human beings feed their animals , the love or attachment they have for them is purely external. There is no genuine love in them. This is how wretched animal life can be.

"Every human being has had to pass that sort of painful animal life in the past. But that does not mean we should be the cause of misery for those animals who have taken shelter with us today. On the contrary, we should have a merciful attitude towards them."

Due to human greed animals all over the world are being exploited. Many are tortured in the name of providing food for humans, maimed beyond their ability to care for them selves and while humans fatten them up, are left to suffer in silence, unnoticed by people blinded by thoughts of profit and loss. As our minds expand , let us think for those creatures who have no voice and who suffer in silence.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


A short video on WHY BECOME A VEGETARIAN ?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

GINGER : A Cancer Killer in the Kitchen

by Jon Herring

Dear friends, if you enjoyed the below article and know someone who would enjoy and also benefit from it, would you kindly share it with him or her? Go ahead, share the good stuff.

The powerful healing effects of ginger have been well documented.

It's a proven remedy for upset stomach. Reams of studies show that it inhibits inflammation. And there is substantial evidence that it fights cancer too. For instance, a recent University of Michigan study showed that when ginger was added to ovarian cancer cells in the laboratory, it caused the cancer cells to self-destruct (a process known as "apoptosis").

In a separate study at the University of Minnesota, researchers injected colon cancer cells into mice that were bred to have no immune system. Half of these mice were routinely fed gingerol, the main active component in ginger. The researchers found that the mice that were fed gingerol lived longer, their tumors were smaller, and the cancer did not spread as widely as in the control group.

With all these health benefits, you should be using ginger as often as you can.

The best way I've found to get a healthy serving of ginger is to juice it. (The brand of juicer I use is an Omega.) Two or three days a week, I juice an apple or two, some carrots, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and a big piece of ginger root. The ginger gives the drink a great flavor and a powerful anti-cancer kick. I highly recommend that you try it.

Go ahead Share Your Ginger and Help fight Cancer

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The vital stirrings of the common heart

"A writer or artist who is born to elevate society has to tune his artistic creation to the vital stirrings of the common human heart"

Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


All of you may , by now have read about the Spinach Scare in US ?

Few days ago , it was reported in the New York Times, Associated Press reported that an elderly woman in Wisconnsin US died after consuming spinach which have been tained with the killer E.Coli bacteria which had also caused 100 others in 21 other states to also fall ill.

The authorities are investigating to see whether a second death in Ohio is also caused by this deadly bacteria and whether there is a outbreak of spread of this bacteria.

Scientist have said that various edible parts of plants such as lettuce and spinach can be contaminated by the potentially deadly E.Coli bacteria, through water absorbed by the roots. The findings so far indicatged that no amount of rinsing or careful handling can keep consumers away from this danger as the bacteria through the pathogen may be embedded inside rather than on the plant leaves.

The bacteria cannot be washed away from the plant , even if it is washed several times, as you are not able to actually wash away the organism which is embedded inside the plant.

Many suppliers and sellers in the US have already voluntarily withdraw all spinach from their shelves , until they receive more information from the authorities.

So, for the time being, if we want to be extra cautious then should we for the time being stop trying to be Popeye the Sailor man and tell our dear olive wife " no more spinach dear "
What's your take on this ??

Friday, September 22, 2006

HOW we eat may be AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT we eat.

Below are some of the most commonly offered advises by great thinkers and practitioners in this field:

(1). Eat only when calm and relaxed: the physical body is influenced by emotions and digestion is severely hampered by tension, anger and other negative states of mind. A few minutes spent in silent meditation or focusing the mind on positive thoughts is one way to release the tension and calm the mind before eating.

(2). Eat only when hungry: Over eating is the cause of many problems and diseases.

(3). Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly: Hurried meals and the accompanying nervous tension are an invitation to in digestion.

(4). Raw Foods: are more able to generate a healthy, lively existence, due to their freshness and ability to retain vitamins and minerals which may be destroyed in cooked and processed food.

(5). Allow plenty of time between meals: Digestion is a complex process and as each type of food digests more easily in a particular chemical environment, the addition of undigested food of the wrong kind can upset or interrupt the digestive processes.

(6). Drink plenty of water: An adequate quantity of water helps ensure proper elimination of waste products, helps regulate body temperature and aids in digestion. However, large quantities of liquids should not be taken for half-hour before and after meal, as it may cause dilution of digestive juices, resulting in incomplete digestion and absorption.

I am sure there are many many more tips which all of you will have up your sleeves, Please do feel free to share them with us so that we can all better benefit from what we eat by improving on how we eat.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Vitamin Health Supplement Industry Prosperity

Thanks to Non Vegetarians NOT Vegetarians.

Many thanks to MNT for your comments with regards to possible lack of vitamins in a strict vegetarian diet ( which everyone should read his advise at comments to earlier posting " why you vegetarians, are still eating vegetarian " animal " dishes,,,,, )

Further to my earlier posting on non vegetarians arguments or self justification on not becoming a vegetarians, this issue on possible vitamins deficiency of a strict vegetarian diet have always been brought up and actually many a times our " loved " ones out of concern or lack of understanding have always use this as a strategic talking point to discourage us or encouraging us vegetarians to drop our chosen path or lifestyle, of not eating animals.

Actually, I have also come across many vegetarians who eventually quit being a vegetarian because they really really believe that they are lacking in the required vitamins. And most give up, upon "doctor’s" advise or peer pressure or self believing that this is true, especially during critical phase of their life, like pregnancy or illness or etc etc.

My "one cent " worth to this issue is that vitamin deficiency is not exclusively a problem with vegetarians. Actually on the contrary, it can be seen that non-vegetarians are consuming much much more vitamins health supplement than vegetarians are.

Just look at all the millions (if not billions) of consumer dollars spent on consumption of vitamins supplement sold by the increasing expanding health supplement industry. Who are their customers? Whether measured by the absolute numbers or by % share, the sure volume of it definitely indicates that a huge major share of people eating this health vitamin supplement are non- vegetarians.

All the increasing share-holders interest, ROI and profits of the giant health vitamin supplement companies / multinationals did not come from their sales to vegetarians. They would have closed down by now if they have depended their business on vegetarians (considering the limited market size of the vegetarian community) They definitely have the non-vegetarians to thank for their continuous increase in profits.

They are countless number of healthy people worldwide who have lead a vegetarian lifestyle and they are also countless number of unhealthy non vegetarian people worldwide who suffer from illness related to vitamin deficiency.

Of course, Vegetarians or non-vegetarians, it is important that we all have to ensure that one have a balance diet. Therefore, one should not be too concern about the lack of vitamins in a strict vegetarian diet.

From my observation and experience, I strongly believe that that it is just a mental attitude and outlook and a balance diet.

So the next time, somebody (out of love or concern or pure offence) raised this issue of vitamin deficiency, please tell him / her the above logic and see what they have to say. And off course, I hope no vegetarian will have to drop being a vegetarian because of this issue. Just remember above one-cent logic. Think a million times first to see if there is any other ways to tackle the issue, before one consider the need to eat animal food. There is definitely a way out. And Divine Grace will definetly give the answer if one is sincere in seeking .

What’s your opinion or two-cent worth on above? Please feel free to comment and share with us your experience on this .

Monday, September 18, 2006


Network, Connect with like minded vegetarians, vegans, penpals, friends, soulmates ;
The number of vegetarians, whether your diet is fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan, raw food or macrobiotic or organic are definitely much more and on the increasing trend today as compared to about 33 years ago, when I first started to be a vegetarian.

It is definitely helpful and beneficial in any relationship, be it friendship, penpals, marriage etc etc, that mutually common interest are shared, be it hobby, lifestyle, life outlook, pastime, etc. and the same is for having the same diet; vegetarian

Though on the increasing trend, but still meeting of like minded vegetarian friends, soulmates etc (and especially the right person which you can also click in " chemistry ") is very limited and a challenge. Hectic lifestyles and busy schedules can make meeting like-minded people tricky. Online dating is one of the many available effective and ever more popular way of putting you in touch with people you might not meet at work or in your normal existing circle of contacts.

While surfing the net for vegetarian websites, I came across the " VEGGIE ROMANCE " website which is a place for vegan singles, vegetarian singles, vegetarian dating, friendships, finding pen pals and generally networking with the vegetarian, vegan and environmentally aware community. Whether your diet is fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan, raw food or macrobiotic, you'll find like-minded veggie singles here

Whether it's friendship or romance you're looking for, I hope that Veggie Romance can help. The chances are some of your friends or colleagues may have already tried it. So don't be shy, give it a try. Click on the JOIN VEGGIE ROMANCE link available on the link section on the right of this page. You never know what opportunities are installed there for you,….. who knows maybe your soulmate maybe waiting all along for your over there.

I hope you all the best and that you will benefit from this link . Hope you may find your soulmate waiting for you there.

Do remember to share with us your (good and bad) experiences after you visited the Veggie Romance link, More importantly, please do let all of us know if you really have found your soulmate waiting for you there. Then we can all congratulate you and also thank you for contributing to the growth of the vegetarian population and saving the planet through natural procreation and planting the seed for future vegetarian population to come

Bye for now and do enjoy your veggie romance and good luck cheers.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why you vegetarians are STILL EATING CHICKEN, DUCK, FISH, PORK, MUTTON etc

Very often I (and most likely many vegetarians) have been questioned by others ( especially non-vegetarians ) as to why vegetarians , ( since we have chosen not to eat animal meat) , are still eating and enjoying dishes like vegetarian chicken, vegetarian duck , vegetarian fish, vegetarian beef meat , vegetarian ( all kinds ) of animal dishes and why the many vegetarian restaurants are selling and serving such " animal " dishes ?

They teased and laugh and mock and pass many very sacarstic remarks about this.

Everytime I get a question like this , I will reply with the following :

(1). The seller have to be business minded and they have to come up with all kinds of creative names in their menus , in order to attract a bigger customer base ( including non vegetarians,) in order to sustain viability of his commercial outfit. The vegetarian population / customer base is still limited and will not be able to give the business owner enough business to sustain business continuity and feasibility . Therefore the vegetarian " animal " menus and dishes is mainly to satisfy and attract the non vegetarians, rather than the vegetarians The " name" of the dish is after all only a word and a sales marketing promotion tactic.

(2). . For the person eating, it is better that the person is eating a dish, with a animal name but actually the ingredients are vegetarian. This is definitely much better for the person, ( and also the animals and the planet) . Much much better than if the person is eating a actual real animal dish.

(3). Real vegetarians who are eating the " animal " named dish is not attracted at all by the name , they are not eating the dish because of the name. The name does not affect them at all . They understand very well that the seller can call it any name so as to attract, promote and step by step convert / attract nonvegetarians to vegetarian

In most situations, I know and sensed that the person is only asking for " fun" and trying to self justify for being a non vegetarian. In such cases, I will not take his questions seriously and just laugh his question away and take it with a pinch of salt .

In all my situations, the above is more than enough to make the questioner " shut up" and sometimes actually feel embarrassed that he have asked in the first place.

Have you similar experiences of being questioned about vegetarian " animal " dishes ? How have you handled it. Do share it with all of us so that we can learn and most likely come up with a very creative long list and maybe jokes that we can share and use.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Hi everybody,

Here's something to make you SMILE


ENJOY !! Feel free to give your comments after you have enjoyed and hopefully SMILED

SENTIENT Vegetarian :Beneficial for positive development of both Body and Mind

Food sustains Life. Through chemical transformation food provides all the energy our bodies requires. It is also converted into the composition of our body. The cells of our body and our brain inherit the qualities of the food we eat. As the saying goes: We are what we eat.

Food can be divided into three categories according to its beneficial effects on our body and our mind as follow:

(1). SENTIENT FOOD: is food which is good and beneficial for the positive development of both the Body and the mind. Examples of such food are fruits, vegetables, and grains, dairy products and nuts.

(2). MUTATIVE FOOD: is food, which is good and beneficial for the body but is not beneficial for the Positive development of the mind because such food causes restlessness in the mind. Examples of such food is tea and coffee, which contain caffeine, a stimulant.

(3). STATIC FOOD: is food that which may or may not be harmful for the body but which is definitely harmful for the positive development of the mind. Some examples of this type of food are meat, onion, Garlic, mushrooms, alcohol, tobacco, hallucination drugs and stale and rotten food.

For the overall positive development of both the body and mind, it is highly recommended that one should take maximum sentient food, limited mutative food and definitely avoid static food.

Taking a balanced diet of sentient food restrains the extrovertial tendencies of the mind and help one to concentrate and also develop the finer higher values and qualities of the mind.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

So many versions so many reasons

There are so many versions , definations and reasons for one being a vegetarian. Vegan, vegetarian, organic, with eggs , without eggs, with onions without onions etc etc.

Some say this and some say that. Who is right and who is wrong.
Non vegetarians make fun of it and use this to " self justify " themselves for not being a vegetarian

There's no right or wrong version or reasons. They all serve their cause.

What's your version, definations and reasons for being a vegetgarian and why.
Have you experience non vegetarians using these as self justification of not begin a vegetarian.

Please feel free to share and learn from each other

I will share with everyone mine in the next few days, which have to do with sentient, mutative and static . And no mushrooms